Analysing water quality in and around Port Vila

Water Quality Monitoring
+ Port Vila Harbour
+ Port Vila second Lagoon



1. A major challenge for Vanuatu
Water quality is a major issue for Port Vila but also for the whole of Vanuatu. As such, we have been implementing a water monitoring campaign since September 16, 2020.
The purpose of these analysis is to provide information on the water quality in the areas where nautical activities are possible (swimming, fishing, diving, ...).
4. Development of a protocol
We wish to establish a protocol and monitoring of cyanobacteria in order to ensure active management of this health risk. It will be deployed in all areas of vulnerable nautical activities in Port Vila.
2. A control system deployed
The control system is operational all year round at various strategic locations in Port Vila. Samples are taken at least weekly and relate to microbiological parameters.
5. An alert network
We want to develop a daily alert network allowing everyone to be informed easily and free of charge on water quality.
3. Creation of a database
We ensure the archiving and management of all analysis results. Thus, our database makes it possible to improve knowledge about the water quality in Port Vila.
6. Website
We are building an information portal on to relay important information about water quality management in Vanuatu.



Create a database allowing to know exactly the quality of the water throughout the year.


Establish a map of regular and isolated sources of pollution.


Work and apply effective long-term solutions to stop and anticipate sources of pollution.
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Raise awareness about water quality in and around Port Vila.

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